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I T services

Home I.T Services

With our specialist in-home I.T service, you don't have the hassle of unplugging your PC, driving to your local computer repairer, paying a diagnosis fee, then waiting two weeks for them to fix the problem.

IT&T will come to you, so there is no compromising the privacy of your data. We can help restore, reinstall and repair your P.C. Further, IT&T will only charge if we can fix your problem.

We will provide you with a written quote that includes a clear explanation of our services and this quote will not be exceeded. Should you need advice, our 24/7 online help desk will answer all your questions free of charge.

Home Support

Our specialist home user help desk operates around the clock. So if, for example, you have a problem opening a file, or if a computer issue is preventing your child from finishing their homework, we can hen help.

Virus and Spy Removal

Prevention is better than cure. While installing antivirus software does not guarantee protection, it is a good start. Hackers are constantly devising new, creative ways to broach computer systems.

IT&T Australia can design robust, antivirus, firewall solutions to guard your home system. And we’ll give you some great tips and education to ensure your home system does not get infected.

Wireless Networking

While a home wireless network may sound simple, these systems can be quite complex and must be used as first way of defence. With many people shopping online, the vulnerability of financial information is becoming an issue.

A reliable, cost effective IT&T home wireless network will help you avoid many pitfalls and risks. Our robust design will secure your network from eavesdropping and protect valuable financial information.

Data Recovery

These days, a catastrophic system failure need not cause undue panic. In most cases, you can easily retrieve your data, depending on where and how it is stored. IT&T offer a range of home based data recovery options, from simple to sophisticate.