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I T services

Business I.T Services

IT&T Australia Pty Ltd is dedicated to delivering efficient, high quality infrastructure solutions designed to improve business productivity. We develop Microsoft platforms for both private cloud and onsite networks. In our experience, many small to medium-sized businesses waste valuable time and resources managing information. This is often due to poor network design and inefficient allocation of IT resources. The resulting effect on productivity can be significant.

One IT area that can benefit many SMEs is the convergence of voice, video and data technologies. By taking advantage of convergence, your organisation can greatly reduce ongoing infrastructure costs while improving productivity. IT&T Australia Pty Ltd has been providing specialist I.T infrastructure services since 2007. We have significant experience in sectors as such accounting, building, architecture and not-for-profits.

As your technology partner, we can tailor a robust and efficient network to converge your voice, data and video functions, thereby reducing your ongoing infrastructure costs and improving productivity. IT&T Australia Pty Ltd also offers finance for your IT projects, with rates that you'll find far more attractive than those offered by banks.

Private Cloud

Cloud computing, in which many computer operations are handled by a remote system and accessed via the internet, is recognised as the future of business computing. Many cloud systems are termed "public cloud." In these systems, businesses are required to put critical services and data in the hands of a third party, with systems often located offshore. The potential complications and security risks of public cloud systems are deemed unacceptable by many organisations.

Private cloud system, in which a business owns the cloud computing infrastructure, is based in their premises. Private cloud delivers all the efficiency and productivity benefits of cloud computing, without the risks. Private cloud allows a business operator to consolidate and centralise their entire IT infrastructure, with minimum security risks and major advantages, i.e.

  1. Employees no longer need powerful PCs or laptops, loaded with software. All the heavy work is done by the servers that make up the cloud so a tablet or thin "client computer" such as a notebook is usually sufficient.
  2. Software upgrades are far more efficient. Rather than installing a new suite of software on each employee's computer, this is done once on the servers that make up the cloud.
  3. Data security. In a cloud system, no data is held on the employees tablet or laptop. If a laptop or tablet is destroyed or stolen, you lose only the machine, which need not be a costly one. The stolen or damaged computer can be immediately isolated from the private cloud.
  4. Infinitely scalability. Business expansion or contraction does not require high capital expenditure or write offs associated with PCs or laptops.
  5. Location flexibility. Cloud systems can provide a true "virtual office," with a full range of data, voice and video functions available from virtually any location.

Network Design

When IT&T designs your network, your current and future business needs are foremost in our minds. We take pride in this customer-first attitude. Our goal is to deliver a cost effective, robust and efficient network that meets your business requirements now, and which can easily scalable for the future.

With years of experience designing networks for a variety of businesses, we can deliver anything from a simple wireless network to a more complex MPLS network than can run a range of data types such as VoIP, business application software, internet access, multi-location LAN and more, on a single network. We can connect multiple office locations via either MPLS network or VPN.

Network Security

In the information age, protecting your data has never been more crucial. Across the globe, a growing number of hackers are attempting to steal business information purely for financial gain. IT&T believes prevention is far better than cure. We can help you protect your business by implementing robust firewall appliances, network monitoring and flexible but secure I.T network security policies in your office environments. Our network security policies will help protect your organisation from theft or accidental loss of data without compromising productivity.

Backup Management

In business, the last thing you want to hear from your I.T partner is: "we are trying to restore your data from backup." This critical process is one that we hope our clients will never need.

However, failure of backup systems can lead catastrophic consequences and enormous levels of stress for business operators, so a practical, manageable backup system is a vital component of your IT system. IT&T Australia can design a back-up and restore systems and policies that will get your business operating again, quickly with minimum fuss and stress.

Disaster and recovery

In cases of communication disruptions, such as system failure or slowness, employees are often unaware of who they should contact or what they should do.

They will often disregard problems that seem minor and continue working with an inefficient system, with consequent effects on productivity. However, these apparently small problems can lead to potentially more serious ones.

IT&T can help you develop simple, practical disaster and recovery policies that will ensure your business can continue operating through a range of negative events.

Maintenance Contract

Without proper maintenance, your IT infrastructure is vulnerable to malfunction or even failure, which can create severe financial stress. IT&T Australia is pleased to offer IT infrastructure maintenance for a one set annual fee.